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Connect. Skill up. Give back.

Coming soon: Open Source Technology Management (OSTM) at Brandeis University.

Why OSTM at Brandeis?

» Connect with leading open source experts and advocates from all over the world.

»  Skill up as you develop a critical understanding of open source principles and practices.

»  Give back through the networks you create and advance open source communities within your organization and beyond.

» Receive a high-caliber graduate education from one of the country's top universities.

» Learn from any location with fully online, part-time courses.

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Community insights

"Industries and companies understand the value of open source in their innovation strategy and are rapidly adopting open source software and practices. Today’s open source professionals need to be able to easily pivot between legal, business, developer relations and community work, and know how to balance company and community needs."
- Nithya Ruff, Head of Comcast OSPO and Chair of the Linux Foundation Board of Directors