Master of Software Engineering
Build the software systems that keep the world running. Go beyond technical skills to master team collaboration and align software solutions with an organization’s strategy for success. Prepare for a career as a software or release engineer, software team leader, quality assurance engineer, or systems analyst. Focus on your talents and reach beyond, with Brandeis.
Why Software Engineering at Brandeis?
  • Courses developed and taught by experts in the field
  • Courses address evolving and emerging industry challenges
  • Covers foundational concepts across multiple competencies, including design, quality, programming, and management
  • Wide variety of electives allows students to tailor the degree to professional needs and interests
Graduates are prepared to:
  • Apply a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the cost-effective development, operation and maintenance of software systems to the satisfaction of their beneficiaries.
  • Build solutions using different technologies, architectures and life-cycle approaches in the context of different organizational structures, with demonstrated programming expertise in at least one language among C, C++, Java a
  • Foster the development, adoption and sustained use of standards of excellence for software engineering practices.
  • Communicate effectively and think critically about a wide range of issues arising in the context of working constructively on software projects.
Online Learning at Brandeis GPS
  • Small online classes
  • Quality standards and best practices
  • Dedicated student advisors
  • Courses split into weekly modules
  • Students regularly interact and collaborate with faculty and peers
  • No set meeting times

“These classes have been the most useful I have taken during my academic career, and I’ve been able to utilize the knowledge gained in my work.” –Rick Felter, student

US News and World Report 2013 Ranking