Master of Science in
Information Technology
Navigate the complexities involved in using technology to achieve business value. Combine technological and managerial components to develop expertise in building, managing, and deploying information technology systems.
Why IT Management at Brandeis?
  • Courses developed and taught by experts in the field
  • Courses address evolving and emerging industry challenges
  • Covers foundational concepts across multiple competencies, including information technology, project management, leadership, communication, and operational and organizational strategy
  • Wide variety of electives allows students to tailor the degree to professional needs and interests
Graduates are prepared to:
  • Develop and lead teams of technical people toward the achievement of established goals, and manage the development of their product.
  • Identify ways in which technology can be applied to solve both existing and new or anticipated problems.
  • Leverage technology to realize strategic management goals and opportunities.
  • Assure the quality of information as well as its value to those who will ultimately use it for decision making.
  • Think, write and speak cogently and persuasively about ongoing or anticipated work with colleagues, end-users and corporate leadership, and listen carefully to feedback.
Online Learning at Brandeis
  • Courses split into weekly modules
  • No set meeting times
  • Students work at their own pace, on their own schedule
  • Students have ample collaboration opportunities with professors and peers

“I wondered how an online communications class would work, and have to say it went very well. With today’s work environment, a lot of communication is done remotely, so it made perfect sense to take the class online.” –Kevin O’Keefe, student

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