Master of Science in Bioinformatics
Work with scientists to develop new drugs, find cures, and improve healthcare. With a Master’s in Bioinformatics, you’ll influence research and be prepared for a career as a biologist, data mining, computer, or bioinformatics scientist, data manager, project manager, research associate, or biostatistician. Focus on your talents and reach beyond, with Brandeis.
Why Bioinformatics at Brandeis?
  • Courses developed and taught by experts in the field
  • Addresses evolving and emerging industry challenges
  • Prerequisites based upon your personal experience
Graduates are prepared to:
  • Apply a variety of skills to the processing, storage, analysis and modeling of many types of biological data.
  • Provide valuable insights into the understanding of complex biological systems and their quantitative data.
  • Positively impact research projects in the corporate and academic sectors.
  • Effectively communicate and present bioinformatic analysis to multidisciplinary project teams.
Online Learning at Brandeis GPS
  • Small online classes
  • Quality standards and best practices
  • Dedicated student advisors
  • Courses split into weekly modules
  • Students regularly interact and collaborate with faculty and peers
  • No set meeting times

“The courses are taught by academics and professionals who have a clear understanding of the practical needs of bioinformatics and computational biology.” –Alan Derr, student

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